8 Wellness Tips to Empower Women and Girls

Wellness is fundamental to your empowerment, but women and girls face some gender equality pressures that can keep them from reaching their wellness goals. However, with the right knowledge, you can make space in your life to prioritize your wellness.

That's why we've compiled this list of simple and effective selfcare ideas for women and girls to support their wellness and mental health in an empowering way. Find out what changes you can make to start your wellness journey today!

8 Wellness Tips to Feel Empowered

Here are eight tips women and girls can use to feel empowered while pursuing their wellness goals.

Get Active!

Getting and staying active is the key to good health for women and girls of all ages. The World Health Organization reports that physical activity can help us manage stress and is central to healthy living. Getting active can establish lifelong habits for children that help cultivate focus, drive, goalsetting, and commitment. For women, regular exercise helps keep our physical and mental health and allows us to consider our priorities and goals.

Share Your Feelings

Sharing our feelings as women can help us process our thoughts, feelings, and emotions about our lives. Sharing our highs, lows, and everything in between is critical to reminding ourselves of our worth. For girls, learning to share their feelings is an important life skill that can help them bond with family members and friends. It's essential for their growth, and development and to stay connected to achieve their desired lives.

Find Some Friends

Friends can keep us active physically and mentally for our whole lives, making them vital for women and girls. Early friendships among girls teach important values and life skills, such as finding people who value them for who they are. Among women, while our busy schedules often give us reason not to pursue or maintain our friendships, doing so yields enormous benefits. With friends, we get another person who cares about us to check on our overall health and social well being.

Build Community

A supportive, loving community can be a powerful tool to support wellness for women and girls. For girls, a positive, supportive group of friends with future goals and good extracurricular groups can help check toxic influences and propel girls to succeed. For us women, by building community outside of our homes and immediate families, we have another set of eyes and ears to give us perspective on our lives. They can help us check any unhealthy habits for our physical or mental health we might develop.

Set and Enforce Boundaries

Women and girls often face pressure from people in (and out) of their lives to give them their time and energy. The demands can impact your emotional health, even among your family and friends, if you don't set and enforce boundaries. By doing so, you can ensure no one takes advantage of your kindness and that when you show up for someone, you're ready to give them your all!

Take Time for Yourself

It's easy to feel like we, as women, can't do self care, especially if we have families and careers. Girls growing up can also feel pressured to keep up with everything their friends post on social media. But we don't need to go to every parent meeting or like every social media post. By taking time for ourselves and embracing different self care practices, we can better assess what we value most within ourselves and others.

Decide on Your Goals

Women and girls have goals, passions, and dreams, and they matter. Take some time to think of yours, and if there's a little girl in your life, make sure she thinks of hers. We only get one life and can live to build our dreams or someone else's. Deciding on goals can support our self-worth and dedicate our best efforts to ourselves.

Start a Routine

A routine can foster healthy practices and help women and girls make the most of their time daily. For girls, learning to make and keep routines can help them excel in academics, sports, physical health, and future careers. Women making and keeping routines later in life has apparent benefits, but knowing how to switch routines while still getting things done can keep us from getting stuck in a rut.

Take Action to Support Your Wellness!

It's important to take decisive action to support your wellness and the women and girls in your life. One of the most important steps is getting more physically active. With the right routine, space to work, and exercise gear to keep up with your lifestyle, women and girls can build strength, endurance, and mental focus.

These are the fundamentals of wellness; building them early and maintaining and expanding them throughout your life can pay dividends. ProwESS She is here to support your wellness journey every step of the way!


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